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The information in this guide has been prepared to assist specifiers and installers select the most suitable adhesive for their installation. As floorcovering manufacturers, in their pursuit of improvements, introduce changes to their products and ranges, it is not possible to take account of all these changes.In any installation, site conditions can vary, and therefore the user must ensure the suitability of our products by enquiry or the carrying out of appropriate tests.

Installation Requirements
All parts of the installation should comply with the latest edition of the following:
BS 5325 The Installation of Textile Floorcoverings
BS 8203 The Installation of Resilient Floorcoverings
BS 8102 Protection of buildings against water from the ground
Another useful source of reference is:
The C F A Guide to Contract Flooring.

Subfloor Preparation
Subfloors must be prepared in accordance with the floorcovering manufacturer's recommendations. Direct to earth bases must incorporate an effective damp proof membrane. Underfloor heating must be switched off for 48 hours before and after the installation.
Subfloors should be sound, smooth, clean, dry and free from any contamination which will affect adhesion. Relative humidity of cementitious subfloors should be 75% or less (when tested by the method described in BS 8203). Very absorbent surfaces should be primed with a suitable sealer.
Suitable subfloors include concrete, sand/cement screed, smoothing underlayment, plywood, flooring grade chipboard, hardboard, wood and existing well bonded resilient flooring.
With existing well bonded resilient flooring, care must be taken to ensure the subfloor under the resilient flooring is sound and the surface of the resilient flooring is thoroughly cleaned of any polish etc. If this cannot be done, the existing resilient flooring must be removed and the subfloor made good before proceeding.
For best results a minimum temperature of 18¡C (65¡F) should be maintained for the installation.

Adhesive Selection
This guide contains adhesive recommendations for specific floorcoverings but this does not exclude floorcoverings not listed. For floorcoverings not listed we recommend the installer speak with the Technical Department at Morleys or carry out appropriate tests to prove suitability. Further guidance on the suitability of an adhesive can be found on the Adhesive Data Sheets.
For releasable bonds, it should be understood that several factors play an important part in the final bond strength, including: amount of adhesive applied; porosity of both subfloor and floorcovering, and whether or not the adhesive is completely dry. Failure to take take these into account can result in either a permenent bond or no bond at all.
For permanent bonds, most important considerations after selection of adhesive are the correct selection of trowel, use of appropriate open time, and application of either weighted roller or glider to the installed floorcovering.
For ALL applications, read the label on the tub, read the appropriate Product Data Sheet and the Health and Safety Data Sheet.

Health and Safety
In accordance with the requirements of Section 6 of the Health and Safety at Work Act, information is provided for our customers to ensure (as far as is reasonably practicable) that they can meet their legal obligations under the Act.
Individual Health and Safety Data Sheets on all of our adhesives are available on request. Certain Health and Safety information is also provided on Product Data Sheets and on product labels.

Important Notes
LIMITED WARRANTY - made in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Morleys Adhesives are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Any goods proven to be defective within 1 year of manufacture will be replaced or purchase price refunded. MORLEYS LTD will not be responsible for damages in excess of purchase price.User to decide suitability of product use.

If there is any doubt over any aspect of any Morley Adhesive, its use or application please contact: MORLEYS LTD Unit 2, Higher Walton Mill, Higher Walton, Preston PR5 4DJ

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