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Kronotex - Laminate Flooring

Kronotex is one of the first among the world leaders to present the new "CIic2C1ic" generation in connection technology in a complete line of beautiful non-adhesive flooring systems for the most varied needs and uses, from individual to universal.
These have been greeted with enthusiasm on five continents.
And there are good reasons why they have convinced users.

Easy Care Kronotex floors are Kronotex floors are easy care and hard-wearing. Neither dirt nor harmful and suitable bacteria become lodged in them.
Flame Resistant Kronotex floors are flame resistant.
Cigarette Kronotex floors are largely resistant to cigaretter embers.
Non Fading Kronotex floors are non fading and retain their balance over many years.
Load Imapct Kronotex floors are rugged, load and impact resistant.
Abrasion resistant Kronotex floors are abrasion resistant and suitable for castors.
Natural Kronotex floors are produced from natural sustainable raw materials and contain no harmful chemical substances.
Comfortable Kronotex floors are comfortable underfoots, and of course also available with football sound insulation.
Heating Kronotex floors are well suited for installation over subfloor heating.
Stain Kronotex floors are stain resistant.


Kronotex laminates are natural products. Only fresh wood from ecological forest thinning operations is used to produce the high density fiber (HDF) core of the panels. All production processes progress under strictest supervision and controls. The percentage of wood in all Kronotex laminates is a consistent 80-85%. Absolutely no harmful substances such as halogen, chloride, PVC, PCB, and dioxin are contained in the products. In this way a Kronotex laminate floor contributes to a natural and healthy room climate, in conformity with the highest health standards and is particularly recommended for persons with dust allergies.
And if- after a long use- it needs to be replaced. it can be disposed of as an ordinary household refuse.


Once you have decided for a laminate floor, when quality and appearance are a perfect fit, then you need to check the requirements for perfect installation. The suitability of the sub floor is very important.


  • old flooring such as wood, firmly-adhering PVC, dry ceramic, linoleum
  • cement screed (max. residual moisture: 2.0CM%)
  • anhydrite cement and anhydrite flow cement screed (max. residual moisture: 0.3 CM%)
  • magnesia screed (max. residual moisture: 3.0 CM%)
  • Have a screed specialist in your area give you a residual moisture report!

Wet and damp rooms, saunas, carpeting and xylolith are not suitable sub floors.

The sub floor must be dry, level, firmly affixed, and clean. Minor unevenness can be compensated with an underlay mat or -if exceeding 3 mm/m -sanded down or leveled with a filler.


Kronotex laminate floors can be readily installed upon warm water underfloor heating, serve well, and even help to save on heating costs.
Simply observe these conditions carefully:

  • Be sure to heat mineral underlays before flooring installation to eliminate any excess dampness.
  • Have a heating specialist in your area give you a heating report!
  • Ensure that during installation, the surface temperature of the floor is at least 15 oC (60 OF).
  • For dampness insulation and as a vapor barrier, use a (0.2 mm) PE film underlayment. For sound absorption you can use PE foam, Kronotex underlay mat or Kronotex Laminate flooring with "Sound Design".
  • At the beginning of each heating period, when you first turn on the underfloor heating, raise the temperature gradually in 5°C (9°F) increments per day until you reach the desired temperature. The floor's surface temperature should not exceed 26°C (80°F).


Connection Technology


Kronotex laminates consist of at least four stable layers which ensure the extraordinary durability and unique quality of Kronotex floors.

The top surface of the flooring consists of a
specially resistant protective overlay film.
This is fused with an attractive resinated
decorative film into a practically abrasion-proof, hardwearing surface.
Kronotex Panel
Kronotex Panel
Extremely dense HDF fiberboard forms the supportive core (HDF, E1).
Kronotex Panel
  All tongue-in-groove profiles are treated with a protective wax compound for protection against dampness and climatic influence.
On the undersurface of the core a dampness impeding stabilization film ensures and with a protective wax compound for preserves the high structural stability of protection against dampness and Kronotex laminates.


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