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Peel & Stick

Peel and Stick is a new revolutionary way to install stairnosings. Peel and Stick is specifically designed to be fitter friendly and speed up the installation of stairnosing without losing any strength or durability of traditional fixing methods.

  1. Sub floors must be sound, smooth, clean, dry, and free from grease, dust,or any contamination that will affect adhesion. Absorbent surfaces must be primed using Morleys JM1 000 Universal Primer.
  2. Ensure all steps are flat and level (use a repair mortar to make good any irregularities).
  3. Remove any debris and make sure the steps are dry, clean and dust free.
  4. Ensure the temperature does not fall below -5°C or exceed 45°C.
  5. All nosings are supplied pre-cut with the step number and size written on Peel & Stick the back. Number one nosing is always the top step.
  6. Place number one nosing on the top step and check It fits correctly. Place a pencil on the back edge of the nosing and draw a pencil line on the tread.
  7. Remove the protective paper from the back of the nosing.
  8. Place the nosing at an angle of 45° degrees on to the step, lining up the back edge of the nosing with the pencil line and slowly lower the nosing onto the tread. It is important to line up the stairnosing correctly; once the adhesive tape makes contact with the tread the bond will become permanent.
Peel & Stick
Peel & Stick
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