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Pioneer Safety Abrasive

This is the heavyweight of the Morley Safety Abrasive Entrance Matting systems.

The system includes many of the characteristics of the Design Safety Abrasive system. However, because of the profile contruction, the all-aluminium rails provide a strength factor greater than the Design range.

It is the heavy traffic option of our Safety Abrasive ranges.

It is a hinged (roll up) mat. This, together with the profile construction, creates a very efficient maintenance value.

The LDPE hinges connect the aluminium rails together. The hinges eliminate ‘clatter’ and do not shrink or crack when exposed to ultraviolet light and temperature change.

The wide choice of insert colours produce a pleasant appearance on a very practical system.

Suitability - External and internal locations
Traffic - Pedestrians, wheelchair, trolley, light vehicle
Aluminium Rail - BS 1474
Available Finishes
Available Finishes Inter Loc
Insert Colours
Inter Loc - Insert Colours

Produces co-efficient of friction 0.78 (dry) > 1.20 (wet)

Typical Locations
External / internal entrance, Disability ramps, Access ramps.
Shop floor - Demarcation markers between departments. Perimeter markers around workstation positions.(walk on foot boards)
Stair - Entrance / exit

Pioneer Safety Abrasive


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