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Quick Fix Adhesive Tape

Morleys Quick fix Adhesive Tape is a commercial double sided tape ideal for bonding PVC Skirtings and trims to most surfaces fast and efficiently. Provides a long term strong bond in seconds and is environmentally friendly.


Quick Fix Tape

Application Guide

Quick Fix TapeMorleys Quick Fix Tape is not only quick and easy to install, it also has the additional benefits of being environmentally friendly. Quick Fix Tape is free from solvents, chloride, and formaldehyde and can be used in sterile and sensitive areas found in hospitals, schools, colleges, hotels and food processing locations. Quick Fix Tape has excellent resistance to plasticizers, therefore avoiding plasticizer migration and the breakdown of adhesion. Morleys Quick Fix Tape can be used to permanently bond PVC Skirtings, cappings, and Coveformers, vinyl sheet, vinyl backed floorcoverings, wood, fabric, cardboard, polythene, decorative laminates and most carpets to plaster, concrete, wall paper, wood, plywood, ceramic tiles, and metal.

Application Guide

1. All surfaces must be sound, smooth, clean, dry, and free from grease, dust, or any contamination that will affect adhesion.

2. Absorbent surfaces must be primed using Morleys Universal Primer.

3. Always check the surfaces for their bonding ability, some paints, wall papers and plaster finishing’s contain anti-bacterial agents which will impair the adhesion qualities of Quickfix Tape over a
period of time.

4. Apply at temperatures between 10° C and 27° C.

5. Apply the Quickfix tape directly onto the back of the skirting, covering the full surface of the skirting. A minimum of 80% coverage.

6. Remove the protective paper from the Quickfix Tape and place the skirting onto the wall.

7. Apply pressure with a hand roller to achieve maximum bond strength.

8. For corners and butt joints it is recommended to apply an additional piece of Quickfix Tape approximately 250mm long directly on to the wall.

9. The bond strength of the Quickfix Tape will improve with time and provide and long term permanent fixing, if these application instructions are followed correctly.

Roll sizes
25mm wide x 50m long
50mm wide x 50m long
85mm wide x 50m long

Shelf Life
12 months
Application Guide

Always follow the instructions on the label
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