Sports apps – 2017

Keeping up with your favourite sports team in the 21st Century is ridiculously easy.  In fact it can be hard trying to not find out what happened in a game when you are saving it to watch later.  What with facebook telling you the score if your friends haven’t already, reddit users giving the game away and google trying to tell us the big news.  And with owning a smartphone it means that you will never have to wait to watch a game before knowing the ins (or innings) and outs.

Best Sports apps 2017.

ESPN – free on android and iOS, previously known as SportsCenter it brings you the latest news in sports around the world.  You can easily custimise the settings so that it knows your favourite teams, and provides you with personalised updates.

CBS Sports – free on android and iOS.  Similar to ESPN but with the added awesomeness of live streaming for some events including NCAA basketball and the PGA tour.  You can also listen to live broadcasts of CBS sports radio.

Yahoo Fantasy – free on android and iOS.  If you’re interested in Fantasy Football then this is the app for you, it covers football, baseball and hockey as well as basketball and it’s easy to create and join league.

StubHub – free on android and iOS.  Need a ticket to a big game, or unable to make it so wanting to sell, StubHub is an app which allows users to buy and sell tickets to sports games, concerts and other events.

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