Tammy’s Sports and Fitness blog

Hi there everyone, welcome to my sports and fitness blog/diary.  

My name is Tammy, and after 30 years without any exercise I have decided to finally quit my excuses and start exercising.  At school I was in all the school sports teams, and loved playing Netball and Football.  But as soon as I left school and joined the real world I unfortunately stopped participating in any sports.  I’ve recently visited the doctor who warned me that my health was deteriorating due to my negligence.  So with that kick up the backside I have joined a gym, and signed up to participate in my first 5K fun run, in March of next year.  

I’m on my week 2 of couch to 5K, and although I am walking more than I’m running, I am really excited that I’ve stuck with it thus far.  I’ve also joined up to an early morning yoga class which happens 3 times a week, and hope this will improve my flexibility and strength and help ease me into more exciting fitness classes.  

Hopefully the 5K will be my first of many, and my fitness diary will help anyone else out there who wants to get fit but isn’t sure how.