Tips on getting a Gym Membership

Hey lovely people. Tammy here again, and I have with me the first content post for my sports and fitness blog. I recently went out and got a gym membership, and it took me a decent amount of looking around to find the right place for me. As someone who has never been to a gym before, it was quite intimidating walking into these places and asking some basic questions. The employees are usually polite and kind, but as someone who is completely out of their element you can’t help but feel at least slightly judged. That’s why it’s a good idea to do a little reading beforehand on what you’re looking for from a gym, Personally, I was looking for a lot of cardio equipment, and nice facilities( change room, steam room etc..). Strength machines and free weights aren’t that important to me, and what I do need them for is very low weights at the moment. Thinking about all of this before hand helped me in narrowing down my choices.

When you are looking for what gym to choose, there are a couple things that some places do that are big red flags and you should avoid them at all costs. For starters, any gym that offers free food. This may sound really good to you, I love the idea of getting free pizza on Tuesdays. But this is the gym, you go there to get in better shape. Eating free pizzas loaded up with oil and carbs to be made as cheaply as possible and make sure you put the weight back on. Some gyms will offer different foods, but it’s always something with lots of carbs in it. Keep these things in mind, and hopefully you guys can find a good gym for your needs. Have a good weekend!

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